Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shooting Batman

Why is it evey time some nut ball looses the pin that holds his brains in and takes out a bunch of people everyone wants to put society on lock down? One guy in Siberia goes on a rampage, and suddenly they are frisking little kids in Batman masks in Atlanta. The guy who did it is in jail. It's over. We don't need the metal detectors at the box office.

People don't like to think other people just do shit for no good reason. They like to connect dots that aren't there and end up making bars for everyone else to live behind. The guy used guns, so they say his ability to get guns caused it all and we need to ban them. He did it at a Batman movie, so they say Batman movies inspire insanity and should be banned. I HATE BANNERS! STOP TRYING TO BAN SHIT!

If the guy didn't have guns he could have crashed a truck into the lobby or set the whole fucking place on fire. He could have got a job there and slipped some rat poison in the popcorn butter.

And as for action movies inspiring maddness, let's look at the stats. Millions of people go to see these Batman movies. Millions. Even if one guy was inspired by one of the films to go on a kill spree, that's still one guy out of millions. Maybe it has more to do with that one guy than it does the fucking movie. Besides, chances are this guy didn't go screwy because he liked hated Batman. Chances are he decided to shoot up a Batman movie because Batman is popular and attaching his crime to The Dark Knight Rises would get him plenty of attention. Everybody wants to be part of a winning team, even mad killers. Regan didn't get shot because the Hinkley hated his politics. Lennon didn't get shot because Chapman got hives when he listened to Imagine. These guys targeted them because they were important to other people. They did it for attention. Right now the most popular guy around happens to be a fictional character, so the guy had to settle for killing his fans.

So don't blame guns, don't blame Hollywood, and don't blame the weird nerd in the Riddler costume. The only thing we need to ban here is homicidal retards. BTW, The movie rocks. Go see that shit, and stop being a pussy. Sure, going to the movies didn't work out too well for Dillinger, but I'm pretty sure you'll be safe.