Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jacques Mesrine

L'instict De MortOne of the last big time crooks with a sense of style, this guy has been called the French Dillinger. There are some common points to both of theri stories. Both were fond of spectacular escapes, were conscious of their public image, and both were executed by the cops. Mesrine, however tended to be a bit more vicious. Where Dillinger tried to avoid killing people, Mesrine seems to have had no qualms about sending somebody on the long dirt nap. Mesrine was also a lot better at disguising himself, even earning the title of  "man of a hundred faces." Dillinger couldn't change his look with plastic surgery.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010



This was a great flick, but I think they owe me some money. For years I've been using my special blend of Bunny Herbs and Spices to go into people's dreams. Wanna know why George W. Bush couldn't string together a sentence? It's because I went into his head and erased all the punctuation. I was going to go back and jack all his vowels, but I couldn't stand all that creepy empty space in there. Ever wonder why the giant, anthropomorphic bunny never gets picked in a line up after a crime spree? Now you know. I haven't had to threaten a witness in years.
PhotobucketI guess I'll let Nolan base his movie on me, since he puts the shit together so well. Besides, how do you think he got the idea to do it?
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