Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mojo, No Go!

It seems somebody came up with some incense that works like pot when you smoke it. I didn't know about the shit until after somebody decided to ban it. Now even the fake pot is illegal. Next up is cough medicine. God forbid somebody should use it to catch a buzz. They better outlaw that too.
 What the hell is it with this country? If it's not alchohol and it makes you feel good it is a crime to use it. Some might credit this to a strong purtian streak in our society, but I suspect the purtian kill-joy types are just being used by the big money boys. The Alcohol guys don't want somebody muscling in on their take, the dope dealers don't want it to be legal because they won't make as much if dope goes legit, and the local governments need the bucks they get from shaking down anyone who is out trying to have a good time. It's all about the green. Until Uncle Sam decides he needs the tax revenue from it, the misguided do-gooders and their pals, the greedy crooks will continue to make sure our country is drug free.

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