Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday And Other Horrors!

PhotobucketPhotobucket What's with all this Black Friday shit? It just amazes me how easily people are duped when they think they might save a buck on some shit they didn't even need in the first place. People go out and wait in line all night to get in on these sales. They camp out in the parking lot at Walmart, ready to slit the throat of anybody who tries to jump line. By the time it's all over they spent eight fucking hours waiting in line. Now if you think about it, if they had spent that same time at work they would have been paid for it, and in most cases thay would have been paid more Photobucketthan what they saved in the stupid sale. So did they really save anything by waiting?
 PhotobucketThe best way to save on Xmas shopping is to go out and invest in a rod and use it to make some withdraws. Or better yet, use it to shut up anybody who asks you for a fucking gift.

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