Thursday, September 13, 2012


Time to bitch some more about Facebook being the only thing left that anybody fucking looks at anymore. it's like the fucking Walmart of the internet. It's like Yahoo 360 stripped of any measure of creativity. People used to put some effort into writing blogs, but now it's all about recording your trivial lives in quick, easy to digest quips. It's like they took the worst, most boring aspects of this social network shit and made it the whole focus.

I have no interest in sharing the details of my morning puke, or the contents of my fucking mailbox on any particular day. Who fucking cares how the fuck some guy they either don't know, or know well enough to have  just called the mother fucker on the phone, is doing? And if your life is interesting enough to merit a daily report of the details, you can't post it anyway because Facebook doesn't allow pictures of donkey on midget sex orgy fun. Fuck them!

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