Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some times this immortal Easter Bunny gig sucks. After being around for a few thousand years there ain't much left to do. How many chicks can you screw with a plunger while riding a motorcycle backwards at 90 miles an hour through a school zone and still have it be fun?

So, I'm taking a poll. This week end I should... 

1) go on a murder spree that some how involves all of these garden gnomes I've stolen over the years

2) do something nasty to a priest

3) break into random cars and plant things like spank mags, used condoms and roaches

4) drop live kittens off the overpass onto unsuspecting motorists

5) yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater everyday for a week, and then on Saturday really set the place on fire

and see if anyone pays attention

6) do my ventriloquist act at some local funerals

"Let me out!"

7) take it easy, drink a few beers and work on my

sex slave collection

8) go to some body's wedding, nail my cock to a board and hang myself from a tree outside of the church


  1. Holy shitdude, what the fuck is up with the nailed cock to the board, I say do that to the homeless that live under bridges, the only difference nail their cocks to center blocks with screws and set them on fire, I'm willing to help buddy!

  2. Now yer talk'n! We can steal the cinder blocks from that day care center they're building down in the city. The kids won't miss a few blocks.

  3. Glad tosee you're still at it, bunny.

  4. You are one sick and twisted bunny. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

  5. Just part of being a famous holiday icon.