Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First you got a 30 year old crime that was committed by a guy who has led a nice quiet, peaceful life since then, making movies that a lot of people dig. Add in that the guy's parents were killed by Nazis and that his wife and unborn child were hacked up by psychos. Then, just to seal the deal, toss in the fact that the victim has stated she isn't too concerned about all of this shit, and have the president of France stand up for the guy in a big way. Know what you got? A FUCKING WASTE OF THE TAX PAYER'S MONEY!!! Why the fuck would we spend a dime to extradite this guy from across the fucking world now? Next thing you know Jesus is going to pop up as a witness for the defense. And even if he was convicted, the guy is fucking 70. By this point we would just be putting him in jail so we could pay for his fucking medical care while he died.

Here's an idea. Why not take all the money and resources and use it to bust some mother fuckers who are out raping kids right now? Stupid fucks.


  1. I agree. Anyone should be allowed to rape murder and do anything they want to anyone they want, and NEVER be held accountable for it as long they can dodge the law long enough. I mean really, VICTIMS? Fuck 'em. They were stupid enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, they deserve to be raped and or murdered.

  2. Can you believe I am just hearing of this now? I've got to look this up... They went after him..really??? REALLY????


  3. I'm all for it! Fuck 'em! As for this particular case, there is the law, and there is justice. If a guy smashes a baby against a wall because he's fucked up due to being beat as a child, I say hang him, but if a guy who has gone through the Holocaust and has had his wife and unborn child butchered gets fucked up and fucks some chick who turns out to be 13, and 30 years later she says it didn't really bother her all that much, maybe we should cut the mother fucker some slack. The misery caused by his crime is dwarfed by the misery society slapped on him, and by the good shit he did with the rest of his life. If a guy gets ass raped by his dad, and then does the same shit to some other kid, then he has caused equal harm and needs to be put down. If a guy who watched his mom take a gas shower and then came home to find his living room redecorated with his wife's guts goes out and bones a little kid who was pretending to be older than she was, and that kid says to let him roll, you let him roll. Fuck!

  4. I was being facitious.

    As a victim of a child molestor I think they should ALL be doused in kerosene and set on fire. Society didn't make Polanski do a fucking thing. Having a fucked up family history didn't make him do anything. Doing "Good Deeds" (AKA making shitty movies) doesn't excuse a crime against a child. Time does not make it all better. maybe if you had been raped as a child you might see it different. As for the victim saying she's gotten past it, it's not anything new. Look at the recent news about Elizabeth Smart. Or the girl that was held captive for 18 years. Neither one of them wamt their abductors punished either. It's the sign of a damaged mind.

    To make petty excuses to overlook a child rape makes us all just as guilty as if we had held her down and did the deed ourselves.

    So again, Polanski deserves to be doused in kerosene and set on fire.

  5. Did he hang out in front of the grade school with a box of candy trying to lure little girs in, or did he meet a chick at a party who told him she was older than she was? Life ain't all black and white. I'll bet there are even some good Republicans out there (not really).
    Now if you want to set his movies on fire, I'm all for it. Besides that thing with the vampires, most of them put me to sleep.

  6. She was at a party at Jack Nicholson’s house. That pretty much says it all.