Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick R Treat

Genre: Horror
This is the best horror movie I sat through in ages, and certainly the best direct to DVD flick I've seen. The reason it never played on the big screen was Warner Bros got skittish about all the kids that get hacked up and poisoned. They also kill a bus full of retarded kids and scare the shit out of a retarded girl. I don't know why anybody who is retarded would complain though since, even though most of them are dead, the retarded kids get to put the beat down on some mother fuckers.
We got kids eating candy that makes them puke up bloody chocolate before they die, and all kinds of cool shit like that. And then there is this freaky ass little fucker with a sack over his head who really kicks ass! This guy makes Mike Meyers look like a fucking pussy and he's only about four feet tall.
I recommend seeing it while some chick gives you a blow job, but that pretty much goes for all movies.

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