Monday, April 5, 2010


By making a killer bunny robot out of some chicken bones and my own feces, I was able to escape from my captor! So ends another year of Easter Hell! Now I can go back to the usual routine of drunken orgies and sadistic pranks. You know it just isn't funny if it doesn't leave permanent emotional scars!



I think this might be a good time to check on the army of crack addicted clowns I hired to help me pass out the Easter joy this year. I really don't give a fuck how well they did their

job, but I want to be sure I'm not around when they come looking to get paid. Fucking stupid ass clowns!  


  1. Is the girl in the bottom picture saying "Daddy"?!!! You are a sick man.

  2. Clowns are shit! Never liked them, and never will!

  3. I am thinking of locking my doors next easter.

  4. The Burger King is an agent of Satan!

  5. A man jailed for a hammer attack on his ex-partner sent him terrifying threats from prison threatening to crucify and eat him if he gave evidence.

    Stephen Kelly, 20, was jailed for at least six years last September for attempting to murder Paul Coombes, 56.

    He attacked the older man with a claw hammer in June 2009, leaving Mr Coombes badly injured. He may need both legs amputating.

    The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that, Kelly, who has a personality disorder, pleaded guilty to intimidating a witness.

    His fingerprints were found on two letters delivered to Mr Coombes' Wakefield home. One was written by another prisoner.

    Along with the threat of crucifixion and cannibalism, Kelly threatened to cut off Mr Coombes' head and post it to his mother.

    Mr Coombes never received the letters as he was in hospital at the time. Instead, they were opened by his carer.

    Kelly attacked Mr Coombes after the older man allowed him to stay at his flat after Kelly was kicked out by his girlfriend.

    They began sleeping together but the arrangement turned sour when Kelly began bringing women home. The prosecution said Kelly also smoked cannabis in the flat and played loud music.

    When Kelly, of Huddersfield, brought home a 15-year-old girl, Mr Coombes told him to leave. When he rang the police, Kelly punched him and began attacking him with a claw hammer.

    Kelly then left the scene with Mr Coombes' bank card, using it to withdraw £50.

    He was sentenced to a further 12 months imprisonment, to run concurrently with his attempted murder sentenced.

    Judge Geoffrey Marson warned him he may never be released

  6. Can I help it if clows are into that kind of shit? BTW, Zombies suck!!!!