Monday, April 19, 2010

American Idol Rocks!

Not really. In fact American Idol sucks pretty fucking bad. It makes me want to fucking choke up my liver when I think this is what passes for entertainment in America these days. However that ain't gonna stop me from launching my own version of this shit.

My version will be better though. Instead of having people with no musical talent pretending to sing, I'm going to have people with no limbs try to copulate with chicks in plastic bags! For added fun the bags will be suspended just a few feet higher than they can reach. The winner gets a cd of something that features real musicians playing real musical instruments.


  1. I hate when they show the "results" on my evening news, as if I give a shit.
    If I cared I`d watch the damn show. Keep that shit off the news, unless it`s Entertainment Tonight or something like that.

  2. Only Fox should broadcast crap like that since that means it's less time they have to spend making up bullshit about Obama.