Friday, October 8, 2010

Spaced Out

There's nothing worse than a damn alien from outer space! I hate those guys! They're even worse than zombies! That's why I really hate shit like ET or any other movie where you have cute friendly aliens. Aliens ain't cute and the sure as hell ain't friendly! Most of them are amorphous blobs of foul smelling goo with no other goals than to mate with earth women and to impersonate political figures. I can handle the whole replacing our politicians with alien duplicates thing, but I don't dig them stinking up my women! Ever been with a chick after she's screwed an alien? Well let me tell you, it ain't a good experience! I'm still sore form the time one tried to impregnate me with that space seed shit an alien implanted in her!
Do your part! Kill and flush an alien today!!!

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