Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Is Going On With Republicans?

Everybody knows I hate those bastards. I put a lot of effort into being evil and shitty, so I don't like it when a pack of pricks like these guys steals my thunder. I mean, WTF? These guys aren't even trying to come up with a plan that should work, yet they're still making everybody miserable! They just toss out a bunch of crap about family values and bitch about welfare and minorities. Where's the art in that? And here I am, doing my best to spread misery in an innovative manner, and it's all for nothing because everybody is already pissed off and broke! Fuck them!

I suppose I shouldn't sweat it too much. It looks like they are about done. I couldn't have invented some of the shit they've come up with lately. It's like if you were playing football with a hated rival and they suddenly started trying to fuck the ball. These clowns have lost it. Trying to cut Medicare in an election season? Pushing for tax breaks for the rich when people are already out in the streets protesting that shit? Crazy! And what's with this war on women? Pissing off 50% of the population is a good way to get elected? Morons!