Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Still Sucks!

Today I went into the Yoko Japanese joint on Williams Blvd, and before I could launch into my usual "Thanks for breaking up the Beatles" routine, I had a fucking 45 in my fucking face! Seems Lam Chow, who runs the dive, was still a little sore about me stuffing his fortune cookies with porn.

I managed to ditch Lam before he did a Moby Dick on my face and gave me a new hole to breathe through, but while I was gone the fucking tourists I had captured at the parades last week end escaped! Fuck! That's what I get for feeding the mother fuckers! Now I'm gonna have to wait until the next parade to get some more sex slaves!!! Even worse, that means I'm going to have to steal some more shitty beads to use as bait. Tourists love shitty Mardi Gras beads.

I could always put on my organ grinder act. It's amazing how many people will follow you into a dark alley if they think you're a monkey in a funny

costume. The sick thing is, most of them are doing it because they want sex. Twisted ass monkey fuckers! Those are the ones I part out to the medical labs. You should NEVER use a monkey fucker for a sex slave!


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