Monday, December 14, 2009


Why is it this ass clown gets all the good press? The guy is a fucking amateur! He sucks! This goof is so doped up on shit he can't even get his dick hard unless he is getting jerked off by one of those freaky midgets he hangs with!


Last year I tried to make peace with the guy, if only for the sake of business. What does he do? He

comes down here and stinks up the place with his shitty ass Christmas bullshit! Half the pussy on Bourbon smells like fucking gingerbread now thanks to that ass hole! I fucking HATE gingerbread!!!

And on top of that, the guy

doesn't even like pussy! He's a fucking queer! He just went around shoving his candy cane into the local snatch so it would be ruined for me! Who the hell wants to bang a chick Santa has been in?! He's had that dick in those dogs he likes to pretend are flying deer! He even tried to bust a cap in the guy who distributes crack- laden smokes outside of the grade schools for me! This time I'm going all out ostfront on his ass! This time it's war!

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