Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ouija Outrage!

People are actually tripping out over Hasbro's new gay ass pink ouija board. They say ouija boards are portals to hell, and that they are scary and dangerous. GET A FUCKING CLUE! You ain't going to find the fucking gateway to hell with a Hasbro logo on it, dumb ass! This shit is fucking mass produced! Whatever happened to the days when people had to search for years, and offer up the hearts of babies and shit to get spooky occult powers? Now you're telling me can find it all on the shelf at fucking Walmart?!
The only weird mystery here is that somebody found a way to get people to pay for a piece of plastic and a board. "Hey look! It does nothing at all! You push the plastic thing around with your fingers and pretend you are talking to ghosts! I'll take twenty of 'em!" Fucking morons!


  1. Although I do not believe in a "GOD" of any sort there are some sort of unseen forces, I also do not believe in " Ghost " *the spirits of dead people* but I have experienced some scary shit when I was young, this was before I ever used drugs or alcohol so I know I wasn't trippin. I believe it was Demons, but if that's true there must also be a GOD which I don't believe in. So that presents me with a dilema. I would never own or even want to be in the same house as a Ouija board as I do believe it`s a gateway to some terrible evil forces. I was born and raised a Jehovah Witness so I have some fucked up issues with the whole "GOD" thing.

  2. I could almost see being spooked by some freaky esoteric shit made out of human skin that you found in a graveyard, but shit made by Parker Brothers or Hasbro just doesn't translate into scary for me. These are the same guys who make GI Joe, for christ's sake! The board is made out of the same shit they made cheap coffee tables out of back in the 70s. A Magic Eight Ball is spookier. At least it's black and always answers those questions about cancer and car wrecks with "It is certain."

  3. It`s not what it`s made out of, or who makes it. By having one it shows the "Demons" that you have an intrest in the supernatural and it`s basically an invite, that`s how it`s considered a gateway. We all know from watching The Exorcist that everything a Demon says is a lie.

    You`re mother sucks cocks in hell!!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! I would so get one of these things... if it wasn't pink. Have they made blue ones yet?

  5. Better get rid of those newspapers then. Those horoscopes are sure to open a portal or two.

  6. It`s not even safe to talk about this shit.