Saturday, January 21, 2012

Internet Piracy

Boo,hoo,hoo! The evil internet is stealing all of the poor widdle entertainment industry's movies! Cry me a fucking river! I just saw a bunch of movies at Big Lots for three fucking bucks. If the entertainment industry was really worried about who paid for their shitty movies they would have bought the shit back from Walmart before they let the discount stores get it. Shit, anybody who has a TV and a VCR and can press "record" can have any fucking movie they fucking want. If somebody wants to see a movie bad enough they'll pay to see it in a theater or buy a fucking DVD. Most of the shit that gets downloaded is shit people only bother with because it is free. if they didn't download it they would wait until a pal recorded the shit off of cable. They really don't loose shit. You clowns want to shut down the internet over this shit? How about raiding the fucking library where anyone can check out movies for free? It's all just more bullshit so the man can take control. Fuck them!


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