Thursday, February 2, 2012


Man! Facebook sucks ass! If it wasn't for the fact there isn't anybody to fuck with here I wouldn't even get my paws dirty with that shit! I have no idea what the hell their goals are. They shove all of these fucking friend requests down your throat, and then go on and on about how you are only supposed to be friends with people you know in real life. What's the point? This is especially stupid when you consider that 12% of their income comes from the stupid games people play on there. If you can only be friends with people you know, and none of them play that shit, you can't play it. I know people who have hundreds of friends they never met just so they can play Mafia Wars.
Their new game is to show you pictures of people on your friend's list. If you can't identify them you can't log on unless you give them your personal phone number! The pictures they show you are things where the person you have to ID has been tagged by somebody else and often THEY AREN'T EVEN IN THE PICTURE! Fucking retarded!


  1. Facebook is going to fall on it's face.

  2. I refused to do facebook, I dont go for anything that popular with the masses.
    Although I did have a Myspace from like 06 till ? ... I recently deleted it, everyone quit playing there for Facebook.
    I miss the old 360 gang, had some fun there.

  3. Yeah. 360 was delete happy, but still beat Facebook by a mile. Facebook actually creeps me out. This shit about only using your real name and being friends with real people shows too much concern with finding out personal info. They only want real people talking to their real friends about their lives. And now they have started to demand telephone numbers so they can call you up to determine if you are really you. That's why it's such fun to post as many lies and fake shit on there as I can. Fuck them!