Friday, February 10, 2012

My Shitty Day!

Today sucked! Nothing went right. Sure, I'm not in the morgue, or in lock up, but it was still a pretty shitty day. First I tried to steal some candy from a blind guy on Clairborne. Turned out the fucker wasn't really blind! To prove his lack of visual impairment he demonstrated how well he could point his .45 at my head. You can imagine how this incident shook my faith in the goodness of people. Fucking con men!

My attempt to sneak pork skins in the Mickey's Stop And Shop that is run by those arab guys didn't work out too well either. Those guys will sell booze and pills that are supposed to make your dick "hard as polished stone," but they won't fucking touch a pork product. I used to pay the neighborhood kids (with smokes) to go in and ask for pork skins all the time. It always pissed them off. Then I decided it would be even funnier to put a few bags of the shit on their chip rack. I figured it  would be a real hoot when somebody tried to buy a bag. Sadly, it turns out they watch me whenever I go in the joint. Doesn't anybody trust people anymore!? What the hell?! It's not my fault their beer cooler is always missing a few 40s after I stop by. Shit! Again, my faith in mankind took a blow.

I just don't understand people these days.

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