Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jackson Media Frenzy

Sure, the guy made some good songs, but shit people, enough is enough! This guy might have been the big thing in the 80s, but the 80s were pretty low on the musical innovation scale. Yeah, I know he was super famous and he was performing longer than god, but the guy was minor league stuff compared to previous musical icons. 40 years after they broke up we still got Beatles tunes playing all over the fucking place. How often did you hear a Jackson tune in the last few years? This guy had talent, and he was popular before he went off the deep end and started all of that Peter Pan bullshit, but we're not talking Elvis class fame or impact here.
By the way, how the fuck did he end up with white kids? He had plastic surgery on his sperm too? All the bi-racial kids I know look at least a little black. The guy owned the rights to half the Beatles songs, his own hits, and even fucking "Happy Birthday," and couldn't figure out how to make money off it, but he managed to not only turn himself into a white chick, but to have white kids too. Maybe he does deserve a fucking statue or something.


  1. He`s been dead 2 damn weeks now! Lets move along.

    As far as the kids, its come out that he was not the sperm donor.
    Like that was hard to tell.

  2. we've got more to worry about than him

  3. i think his daughter is gonna be a train wreck celeb when she gets older.

    hope so, anyway ;)

  4. Your right about that Dawn. Ive seen on the news fights breaking out over people talking shit about him.
    Now everybody loves him. Black ppl are trying to reclaim him as one of their own.

  5. where's chris rock on all this?