Friday, July 10, 2009

Life In The Micromanagement Zone

Do we really need a law saying we can't use a cell phone in a car? Right now if you're distracted and you run over an old lady you get a fucking ticket. We already have laws against driving like a retard. If you can talk on your fucking phone and not run into a bus, you get to go home happy. If you do run into a bus, you get all fucked up and get a ticket. Why the fuck do we need another fucking law?!

It's like this "hate crime" bullshit. If I beat a guy over the head with a fucking mallet, and a cop sees me do it, I get busted. Does it fucking matter whether I beat the guy because he was a queer jew, or if I just didn't like his fucking shoes? We already have a law against beating people over the fucking head. I hated the guy, so I beat him. In my case it has nothing to do with his race or gender, or any of that shit;I just hate people in general. Shouldn't I get a few years knocked off my sentence for being so high minded and not discriminating?


  1. I agree Fluff, every imaginable law is already on the books.
    I cant wait till the next pretty little white girl gets found dead, then we get more laws.
    How would Nancy Grace make a living if it wernt for missing white girls. I bet that bitch cums just thinking bout the next one.

  2. i dig the new pic up top with the little kid :P