Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Timeless Holiday Classic!

Today is Boob Day, so I guess I should sit you kids down and tell you the story of The Little Bunny Who Got Crushed By His Old Lady's Mams!



One day the Easter Bunny was drunk and looking to get up on one of his favorite hoes. The only problem was he still wasn't fucked up enough to do his thing. His stash box being empty, he wandered out into the cold dark night in search of some shit that would get him fucked up for real.

His quest led him to the funky ass lab where they do all the experiments on the helpless little mice. There he found some glowing juice that tasted like it had been strained out of a dead hooker's twat, but did the trick. The Bunny was flying high! Feeling better, he headed off to hunt down some poon.

He found it on Royal, and had her all striped down and ready for action when something strange and magical happened. As the Bunny reached for his zipper, he began to shrink. Within seconds he was no bigger than a fucking action figure. Seeing those giant boobs he dove right in.


Sadly he was crushed between the monstrous mams, and never made it to the caverns below. He woke up about ten hours later in a holding cell, restored to full size, but feeling like somebody had stuffed his head with shit and heated it up.

The moral of the tale? BOOB DAY FUCKING SUCKS!!!!


  1. Only a gay bunny would hate Boob day, but who am I to judge, I like ass more than tits!

  2. Yeah, and you like dick even more than ass, fruitcake!

  3. I'll take a bag of all the sweet dreams you have to offer, my acid better have cocks on them if you want full price bitch!

  4. Just stick the acid up your ass, I'm sure there will be a cock on it sooner or later.

  5. Some of those chicks seem to have forgotten to bring their boobs to Boob Camp.