Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bye Bye Big T

That's what I get for buying cheap tires. I've been getting tires for the Bunnymobile for years at Big T's, this little hole in the wall joint, for years. Why pay fucking 75 bucks for a tire when you can pay $25? Sure, they didn't always have that much tred on them, and God only knows where the fuck they came from, but the shit was cheap, and they slapped 'em on fast.

Today I had a blow out. Even worse, my fucking spare was flat. I borrowed a car from one of my hoes, tossed the tire in the trunk, and headed for Big T's. After getting my new wheel, I headed back to the Bunnymobile where I noticed the other front tire looked worse than the one that had popped. I decided to head back to T's.

I figured I was lucky I made it there, since chunks of the tire were falling off as I pulled into the patch of dirt that passed for T's parking lot. WIthin minutes the Bunnymobile was jacked up and the tire was inside being pulled from the rim.

I barely had time to light a smoke when one of the guys started shouting some shit about a fire. I watched as one guy made a lame attempt to spray the shit with a hose, and another guy tried the fire extinguisher. That all stopped when the flames went as high as the roof. It only took minutes for the whole joint to be engulfed in flames, and it was spreading to the trees the shack was nestled in between.

I pointed out to one of the guys that it might be a good idea to put a tire on my fucking car so I could get it out of there, but he just shrugged and reminded me my rim, and all of the tires were in the middle of the blaze. I'd have to make it out on my flat ass spare. I pulled it out of the trunk and tossed it to the guy who started hitting the lugs with the air gun. Just then an air compressor in the building blew, shooting fire at us.

"Get in your car," he shouted, jumping back, the lug nuts barely on. He didn't need to tell me twice. I put it in reverse and limped out of there, trying hard to move fast without tearing the spare off the rim.

Turns out there is another used tire joint right across the street, and it also turns out they are even cheaper. I could have been getting my tires for $20 instead of $25!!!


  1. Thats right, the gas station next door sold tires, forgot to tell you, but that was one of my undercover shops were I sell moonshine and drugs, and it was not accedent, I seen you over there and was hopeing you'd die in a firery blaze,,but as usual, you never fucking die, stop by any time for those tires buddy, fattysmells bunny will hook you up. Ps, we get the tires from the oldfolks home, they don't need them anyways!

  2. THe old folks home! No wonder you got that bucket of dentures on the counter. I always wondered how you sold them so cheap.

  3. El Luko Spooko would have beat fire back with his fists!