Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Socialism And Other Horrors!

If I have to hear one more rant about the evils of socialism I'm going to gut myself with a rusty spoon! Today I actually heard some guy saying he didn't want government health care because the government health care he is on is too slow. If it sucks so bad why the fuck are you using it, jackass?!

The guy then went on to say that if Obama has his way nobody will have a chance to get rich. Guess what, YOU WERE NEVER GOING TO BE RICH ANYWAY!  Never mind that Obama has no intention of turning the USA into Stalinist Russia. Your chances of winning the lottery, having some rich uncle die and leave you a million, or even holding down a steady job are pretty fucking slim.

You are poor. You are already using government social programs to survive. You are a leech and a dumb ass.


  1. So you want to create more leeches and dumb asses? I think you are badly mistaken about Obama, I believe if he could he would turn us into Zimbabwe and he would be Mugabe. Can I watch?


  2. I love the pics you posted in this Makes me wanna get some KFC for din-din....

  3. Leeches and dumb asses are born, not made. I think it has something to do with the water they drink in the south.