Monday, November 30, 2009

Gay Marriage

How would I solve the gay marriage issue? I'd fucking outlaw marriage! If two homos want to screw up their lives by getting married who am I to get involved? It blows my mind there are freaks who sit up at night with their Bibles worrying about this shit. For me the real question we should be asking is why should anyone get married. You're a moron and you wanna be married, then you're married. Why go out and pay somebody else to tell you you are? That marriage shit is all just a state of mind, a delusion suffered by people afraid they might not find somebody else dumb enough to fuck them. You don't need the fucking government for that kind of shit.

And remember, folks GOD HATES YOU!


  1. We need marrage so guys can pay to get rid of their wife. Don't mess with my business, pal!

  2. I married my pet fish Ronnie, but it was ok because he had pretty blue scales and tasted like twinkie pudding! Am I gay?

  3. Me n mine dont care about legal marriage, it`s just a damn piece of paper, but were going to so we can collect each others Social Security, depending which one of us dies first. You have to be married 10 years though. Were both on S.S. so seperately we both struggled financially, together we collect enough to not have to worry about being homeless someday. Women in her family tend to die before 60, so if she kicks first Ill be living large. Pretty fuckin romantic I know.

    Im a dude and she`s not so I guess Im way off topic here.
    Gay Marriage? I dont have problem with it.