Saturday, December 17, 2011

He Know When You Are Sleeping

Anybody else getting creeped out by all this technology shit? It used to be a guy could just vanish if he felt like it, and he couldpretty much do it in plain sight. These days if you wanted to go underground, you'd literally have to start digging.

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, everybody knows everything about everybody, and people actually like this! Facebook is especially creepy. The other day I was on there, looking for lonely housewives to violate, when a new button popped up. It was the "Tell everybody where the fuck you are" feature. Now why the fuck would I want anybody to know where the hell I am, or what I'm doing? Sure, why not just call the cops to come pick me up. The amazing thing is there are plenty of doofuses who push that button. I've seen guys on there who check in with facebook if they stop somewhere to take a shit. Some guy banged your old lady and stole your dope? Just check his Facebook page to see where you are going to kill him.Next they'll be adding an "Armed or Unarmed" button just so we'll all know who is packing heat.

With two fucking thirds of all Americans plugged in to this shit, do you really want to broadcast your location at all times? It's bad enough people post pictures of the expensive shit they buy and their hot teen age daughters. Telling the burglars and rapists when you aren't there home to guard it all is like putting up a billboard asking them to come over. You may as well throw your big screen TV in the lawn with your naked daughter tied to it. They can even use your hand truck to haul it off since you probably posted where it is.

It's bad enough Big Brother is watching. Do you really want me to always know where you are too?