Thursday, July 22, 2010

76 Years Ago Today

It was 76 years ago today that John Dillinger ( or somebody who looked like him) was executed on a sweltering night in Chicago. Was it Dillinger who bought it out side the Biograph Theater that night? The FBI says yes, but they have yet to explain how the guy managed to change his eye color after death, or grow extra teeth.
One thing everyone seems to agree on though is whoever died that night didn't have a chance. There was no attempt to take him alive. The saw him, and they shot him. None of this "Stop or we'll shoot stuff."
The only federal warrant on this guy was for taking a stolen car across state lines. He had never been convicted of a murder, and had only been accused of one, shooting a cop in self defense. Most witness were unsure if it even was Dillinger who was the one who shot the cop, or even if he was there at all that day. Most witnesses also claimed whoever it was who killed that cop  had returned fire, but had  aimed low.
Dillinger was a bank robber who put people in danger with his antics, and hung out with murderers, but he never shot a man in the back, something "the good guys" didn't hesitate to do on the night of July 22, 1934.
Dillinger: Dead or Alive?

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