Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Orleans

I was tooling around the city in my Bunnymobile yesterday, when I decided to drive past the spot where Alvin Karpis got nabbed by the Feds. Not much to see there, so it was off to look up Oswald's old digs over on Magazine, and then back down Canal to Metarie to drive by Carlos Marcello's house.
A lot of shit went on down here, but I suppose our big claim to fame, crime-wise, would be that this was the place where the plot to hit Kennedy was hatched. Sure, I know the Warren Commission claimed Oswald acted alone, but that same report also said Carlos Marcello was just an innocent tomato salesman.
I ended my tour back in the French Quarter on Bourbon. Right there above the Voodoo shop is the place where a guy killed his girlfriend and ate her. Gotta love this town! 
bunny car


  1. I'm going to be down there for the Stomp. I'll meet you at Snake 'n' Jakes for a drink. I'll be the one in the wig.

  2. I'll save you a stool. Just don't be too late or you'll find me under it.