Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lennon Killer Up For Parole Again

Imagine (Deluxe Edition)
Here we go again. This August 9th, Mark David Scumbag Chapman goes before the parole board. Yeah right. Like anybody is going to sign off on letting this creep out. You rob a bank, or ice a guy who took your parking spot, maybe you can walk after a few years. You shoot one of the most famous and beloved guys on the planet in the back because you're pissed off over being a big fat loser, you get to die in jail. If this jerk off wants out he can grow some balls and escape like the rest of us.
I don't know what's sicker, the fact this clown gets conjugal visits, or the fact he was able to find a broad willing to show up for them. He should be strapped to a chair like Alex in A Clockwork Orange and be forced to listen to Yoko's discography until his head explodes. I'd let Manson out before this guy.

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