Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Legs Diamond DOA

Sure, we all know about Jack "Legs" Diamond. The guy bounced back from four hit attempts before finally taking a few fatal slugs in the head. The thing we don't know is who gave the order that sent this famous bootlegger on the long dirt nap.
Most people assumed it was his old pal Dutch Schultz who finally found some bullets that wouldn't bounce off of Legs, but there are rumors it may not have been the Dutchman, or anyone else in the rackets. In 1974, author William Kennedy quoted Albany Democratic party boss Dan O’Connell as saying that he sent Albany police to execute Diamond. Seems this guy had a low tolerance for guys like Legs and wasn't worried about things like laws when it came to keeping his town racket free. Or maybe he just didn't want any competition. Either way Dutch was pleased.
Jack 'Legs' Diamond: Anatomy of a Gangster

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