Saturday, July 17, 2010

Superhero Movie Costumes

What is this crap?!

They just released a photo of the new Green Lantern Costume from the new movie. He's got the mask and the big funky lantern symbol on his chest, but I don't remember Green Lantern having all those glowing lines stuck all over him. And what's that shit made of? He looks like he's wearing a rubber muscle suit. In the comics it always looked like the super guys painted their suits on. In the movies they look like they bought a hot glue gun from the craft store and tried to turn themselves into an after school project. Spider-Man now has rubber webs stuck on his costume instead of black painted lines, and even Superman is going around with a big "S" plaque glued to his chest. It's a good thing these guys have super powers. With every design element of their costumes being 3-D,they wouldn't be able to move otherwise.

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