Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Bitch!

The end of an era! I'm sure we all enjoyed having a fucking Dalek for President, but all things must end. Let's all just be glad George left us with eight years of wisdom in which to draw upon if we ever find ourselves compelled to embrace fundamentalist christianity and out dated social darwinism. G.W. may not have been the first idiot to become President, but he was the first to make idiocy official policy.

 I'm not sure it was all George's fault though.

When Obama, in his first official act as President, melted Dick Cheney's head with his heat vision

Bush seemed to come to life, as though waking from a dream. He claimed to have no memory of the last eight years other than a vague impression of wanting to be a real boy.

And then he was gone.



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