Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fatty Bangs A Bunny In The Bushes!

lIt seems some of you freaks out there have been trading in on my pimp appeal to get dates with other dudes! This all backfired on Fatty the other day when he showed up at the park for a round of buggery in his shitty ass bunny costume, and found another guy in a bunny suit. They were both waiting for some losers they had met on the Internet and had lured to the park by pretending to be me.

The next thing you know the freaky faux fluffies were fucking each other! The sick ass mutant bastards couldn't wait for their "dates" to show up. They just unzipped the back of their costume and started ploughing each others asses right there in the fucking bushes!

Too bad for them they were in a NO BUNNY BUGGERY ZONE. The cops have really been cracking down on that shit lately. Before either of them could befoul the others tail with pervert jizz, the fuzz was upon them. They were hauled off to the Jefferson Parish Jail House and booked with a whole list of offenses. Bail was set at $50,000.

So, if any of you want Fatty to get out of jail, just send me the 50 grand so I can bail him out. Sure, I know a bail bondsman only requires 12% to spring a perv, but you don't expect me to do this shit for free do you? I might have to give Fatty a ride from the can back to the dumpster he lives in, and I'll need at least 20 grand of disinfectant for the Bunnymobile after that.

I might also mention that for a limited time I'm offering the new improved chest hair wig for half price! It looks good just above the crack of your ass too, and it won't peel off if your partner urinates on it! Get yours today!


  1. I'm glad you posted that warning about the chainsaw. I almost made a bad mistake.

  2. I have my own chest hair, but thanks anyway.

  3. I put my winkie in my stuffed bunny's bottom once, but my mom said I wasn't bad because he wasn't real. What I want to know is, if he isn't real why did he cry when I did it to him? Please tell me I'm not bad!