Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun WIth Pomparofurpo Number One!

Multiply History Lesson Part Two: Our Gang Bang!

People ask me all the time about my pal, Richard, aka Pomparofurpo #1. Most of the time I just spit on them because I fucking hate it when people ask me fucking questions.

Just so you cock suckers will leave me alone about this shit, I'll go ahead and tell you about him. I'm only going to tell you this shit once, so if you miss it, too fucking bad!

Back in the day there was a series of shorts that featured a bunch of obnoxious kids. One day the star of the show, Alfalfa got sick. The producers had to find a kid who looked like him to finish the shoot, and guess who they found? Yep, our boy Pompy looked just like the little freak.

Turns out he did such a good job they were going to keep him, and ditch the original kid, but then tragedy struck. He was caught giving Buckwheat a pounding between takes! In a rage, he murdered Buckwheat by stuffing Froggy up his ass, beat Spanky to death with his cock, and ran off into the night.

It could have been bad, but it turned out nobody really gave a fuck. Pompy went on to be a top porn star, reaching his greatest level of fame for his big FLAMING FIST OF ANAL PAIN act. He always remembered Buckwheat though, and he often stopped to look at, and sometimes taste, the pair of shriveled mummified testicles he had hacked off Buckwheat before he died.

And yes, he really does only have one eye right in the middle of his face. Since he has no depth perception, it is always fun to toss things at him and watch them bounce off his head before he tries to catch them. It's even more fun to trick other people into throwing things at him, and then watching him tear their arms off with his teeth.


  1. Yes. I can almost taste the flesh!

  2. Just line 'em up and shoot 'em down!

  3. "In a rage, he murdered Buckwheat by stuffing Froggy up his ass, beat Spanky to death with his cock, and ran off into the night."

    He is such a silly goose!

  4. Yeah, he does shit like that sometimes. I think it has to do with the fumes he inhaled while working at the furniture polish factory.

  5. You forgot to mention I stole darla`s virginity. Forcibly!

    Turned her into an anal slut.

  6. Wowsers. An unauthorized biography! Richard, you certainly have risen to the pinnacle of fame, here ... lucky you lol ... :))

  7. That little whore! She told me she was a virgin! I want my fucking ten dollars back! $%#$^#$%#&^#$&!!!!