Monday, January 5, 2009


Last night I got all fucked up and watched that Twilight Zone episode with the evil ventriloquist dummy. Those things are almost as creepy as clowns! I gotta get me one of those little fuckers! You can say all kinds of fucked up shit to people, and blame it on the dummy! "It wasn't me who said your ass was like a big nasty bloated sponge! It was little Wood Head!" I could even cut a hole in it's crotch so I could stick my dick through it and trick chicks into touching it! Shit, it worked with a popcorn box, why not with a dummy?



Oh, and let me let you all in on a little secret. Trix ain't for kids. TRIX ARE MADE OUT OF KIDS!

So, the next time you're having your shitty sugar sweetened baby balls, and you notice the picture of the missing kid on the milk carton, consider the

mystery solved!


  1. Ventriloquists are nothing but bums in my book.

  2. Odd, I don't mind dummies at all ... but clowns? I got stuck in a mall once for an hour because there were clowns outside and I was too scared to pass by them ... it was my very own private Night of the Living Clowns.

  3. I liked the episode where the gambler dies on wakes up in hell, only he does not realise it is hell at first. He thinks he is in heaven. He starts placing bets and playing pool, only to find, he never loses. After a while...well, you know what happened. He figured out it was hell. There was no sport to it. No joy in his winnings, life wasn't worth living..blah, blah, blah...

    I like that one.